10 tips before you use a professional removal company

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10 tips before you use a professional removal company


Once the excitement of having found a new place to live or work in is over, comes the necessity of a

reputable company to spare you all the removal hassle and make your relocation possible. In order to avoid all kinds of misunderstandings you should make your choice by paying attention to 10 essential aspects.

1.How reliable the removal company is

The first step is doing very comprehensive research about the company’s reputation. The sources of information vary from street and Internet adverts, online forums and reviews to word-by-month recommendations from friends. Since the final choice-decision is yours, you have to match all comments to your special case and needs.

2.The legal status of the company

Since even the most positive testimonials could sometimes be misleading, the best alternative is to check the company’s legitimacy on your own. You could search either the Internet sites and contact previous clients or consult a lawyer to exclude any possible hesitation or suspicion.

3.The more companies you contact, the better choice you will make

It is not advisable to jump to a quick decision but to contact at least three removal companies /the more, the better/ and inquire about their quotes about the prices and services. Thus  you will  get an idea of the ranges  and possibilities and after a further comparison you will make your choice more easily.

4.What does the service include

The obligatory service-details to know are if the company will provide:

–  a prior-to-removal assistant  for a free-of-charge inspection, discussion and a future contact

–  an exclusively cheaper price for packaging materials

–  packaging service

a storage in case you want to leave some items for a later removal

5.What does the price include and how to pay it

A clear explanation of the price coverage is compulsory, concerning:

-the  number of  items

-the distance of removal

-the number and  training of the workers

-the speed and time of working

As for the payment options

6.The insurance of transportation

Transportation brings the risk of  damage, so  a company with excellent  insurance policy is the best option with a prior notification about the time of the insurance claiming, following the removal. In case some of your possessions are very valuable, you should be informed whether they are in the coverage.

7.Clarity of communication and agreement

The communication with the removal company should make it absolutely clear to both sides  what the service will be. You should both ask questions about the service/types of vehicles, experience with high buildings, elevators or staircases/ and give explanations  about your possessions /valuable items,  big and heavy objects or sensitive instruments/. Any lack of questions from the company is suspicious.

8.Time and access particulars

Stipulating the time of the removal is essential but you should ask the company to meet your schedule if your working hours are flexible. Information about the access to both the place of the removal and the new location must be exchanged and clarified to prevent unpredictable inconveniences – such as the lack of convenient parking space, narrow doorways or staircase etc.

9.Written documents are obligatory

Besides the official agreement you sign with the company, you should make sure all additional papers are also written and signed. This will help you stay on the safe side and prevent ungrounded claims or refusals from the company.

10.Possible delays and complaints

It is worth agreeing on what the company’s policies are in the event of service-delays and complains with its efficiency. Make sure you know the way a possible delay or a complaint affects the price and  if  a refund is possible.

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