Extension of an existing house

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In response to  the old adage “Variety is the spice of life” our modern community has started to seek variety everywhere – in the way they look, in the pattern of life they follow, in the premises they live and work in. Whether it is for a passion for originality or for financial reasons, the fast-growing preferences for house extensions have reached incredible dimensions in recent years.

Facing such a challenge, however, is neither easy, nor a quick-to-make decision. The successful materialization of such a project requires professional and trustworthy services like those of our company and its members. They will stand by your side during the whole process from the very birth of your idea for an extension to the very last finishing touch in it.

Alternatives like searching for architects, designers and builders by yourself will hardly promise a satisfactory completion for less money. By contrast, the services we could provide you with, will incorporate a discussion of your idea, a pre-construction  place inspection by an expert, an offer and plan of a suitable design, technical support of the design and the construction of the extension itself. During the process of the latter we make sure all the work is being properly and most efficiently done. Not to mention, the strictest attention our workers pay to ensure safety for your family /in case you have not moved out during the construction and your neighbours. Additionally, we could guarantee that all the related administrative issues will be taken into consideration. One of them is the existence of an insurance coverage of the prospective extension, another not less significant is what kind of extensions are allowed in the Permitted development regulations and requirements.

Our specialists and skilled workers will do the next-to-impossible to make your dream of a spacious and comfortable extension come true. No hard to access areas or difficult to complete projects could prevent them from putting the greatest effort into accomplishing your goal. Irrespective of whether you would like to have an extension of any room of your living place, or the direction you would like it to be constructed, you could rest assured our company will do the excellent job. It may be a front extension like the addition of a patio or a porch /both open or enclosed/, a side extension like a kitchen or garage extension, a rear extension like a storage place, a loft or basement extension too. For each stage and type of work we provide the right and experienced specialists till the moment the final electrical bulb is installed.

What is definitely sure is that not only is the team of our architects and builders brilliantly selected and highly trained but also the materials they work with are mostly sophisticated, eco-friendly and weather-resistant.

We are aware that only words can not be trusted, so we would advise you to contact us and only by trying our services will you believe in our brilliant capacity to provide the perfect extension of your dreams.

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