Removals in Covid19

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Hardly ever has the modern community imagined that it will face such a pandemic crisis as Covid -19. Not only was it made an involuntary witness to an unpredictable virus death rate, but it was also forced into making adjustments to extremely difficult living conditions and unbelievably hard economic circumstances.

For the sake of health and safety a wide range of businesses had to stop and face a total lockdown.
Luckily, however, as a moving company SSMD Removals was allowed to carry out its services. But what turned out to be its highest priority in the current situation was keeping the strictest possible discipline to meet all the government rules and regulations as well as the proper guidelines to avoid all kinds of threats and dangers to the life of people of all ages and risk groups.

To do all mentioned above we have been doing our best to keep the highest standards of proper disinfection and cleaning, concerning all aspects of our removal services. What is more, we have had our staff to be able to handle any unexpected situation that may bring worries to you. In order to make you feel the least concerned with possible dangers and as comfortable as possible, we insist on getting as much needed information from you by mail, phone and etc. so you are not required to have physical meetings or chats.

Moving during the Covid19 time

One of the important things you have to keep in mind is Planning. Due to the lockdown many businesses, stores, offices and home have been changing their removal dates and rescheduling. In this respect, our company aims at being as fast as possible and making your removal maximally stress free. That’s why we recommend you to contact us at least 10 days in advance.
Secondly, we will provide with a suitable quote for your home, office or store removal from us 100% remote without any physical contact. Our team can consult you by the phone and explain our process during these Covid19 times.
The constant dynamics of the situation and the consequent changes of the economy has been making us face many removals of offices and stores. If you are a business owner and wish to move, we will help you with packaging, disinfecting and keeping the right distance during your removal.

Another significant aspect, we take into consideration is to keep you updated during all the removal time and process without any physical contact. Moreover, we provide all types of packing materials like boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes. To meet the requirements of Covid-19 removal, we have also implemented new work practices so that lower any risk of Covid19 spread is avoided and prevented. Our staff is constantly being instructed and prepared for the removals of either your home, office or store.
SSMD Removals LTD is exceptionally sympathetic with people and understands their confusion and fear. To give them the assurance and removal efficiency they need, it has been constantly improving is services by keeping track of all measures announced or changed.


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