All packing materials can be provided in advance i.e:boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes.
You can choose the option of a full packing service, allowing our experienced packers to wrap, pack and stack all your treasures and fragile items. We can arrange this service to be carried out in advance of the actual removal day by using the latest purpose-made materials. Additionally, we offer an unpacking service, where all the packed effects are placed in the desired rooms, although this has not been found convenient enough by all clients.

Packing service and materials

SSMD Removals LTD provides removal, packing and house clearance services. Most customers in need of packing services prefer either to do it on their own or to use our professional help. In the best of our clients’ interest the following article will provide some basic information on the packing materials usage and their prices for a rough calculation.

Packing advice

As a rule of thumb, it is better to have about 50% of your boxes in a medium size and 25% larger and 25% smaller. However, lots of books may need more of the smaller sizes. You may also wish to consider a small number of extra-large boxes for pillows, duvets and cushions etc. – especially in larger homes.
For hanging clothes, some people use wardrobe boxes – others manage to pack without them. They are 18” (38cm) wide. So if you measure the length of rails of hanging clothes in your closet you can estimate how many of these boxes you may need. They might save you having to iron your clothes after your removal.
Type Description Used For Blankets Fabric Transit Blankets Protect Furniture in Storage or Transit used at removal service free of charge.
We have been doing that for our customers almost every month for several years.
This professional service which  SSMD Removals provides is not offered by most companies.

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