Removal services

Household removals require careful wrapping and packing to avoid damage to furniture and effects, so many household policies do not cover goods in transit unless they are packed, carried and unpacked by a professional remover. In the moving industry, when a customer packs and unpacks his own boxes it is referred to as PBO (packed by owner) and policies do not insure these goods. On PBO moves it can become a point of huge contention between the mover and the customer as to whose fault it is when it comes to  damaged items within a box. Was it packed improperly by the customer or did the mover mishandle the box? Also, a professional Mover must sign his or her name to any box that he or she may have packed prior to or on the date of the move. This lets the shipper know who is responsible for any damage to the box.

The process of packing a van or a container for a removal requires that polished surfaces are protected (usually with special blankets or cardboard). China and other fragile effects are packed in rigid boxes, original wooden tea chests but now usually cardboard, with layers of bunched up blank newsprint commonly used to protect against scratches and chips in transit. Soft materials may be packed in bags, suitcases or boxes. Custom-wooden crates are typically used when transporting large, heavy and oddly- shaped objects. Removal vans will often have a Luton body, internal wooden wall bars (called raves) to which tall or heavy furniture can be secured with webbing, and a ramp or a tail lift to assist in loading. Space on trucks is at a premium, so an experienced loader will pack into voids in furniture and use awkwardly-shaped items such as ironing boards to fill narrow gaps. Moving furniture in and out of houses, especially older properties, presents challenges; in areas where there are many older properties, furniture movers may be adept at removing and reinstalling window panes. Most double bed bases can be split, folded or dismantled.

Planning your moving

It will be much more comfortable for if you plan ahead. Inform your removal company about the details of your new property’s access points and layout, so that they will know what to expect when they get there. For example, how many flights of stairs are there, will furniture be taken through the doors, are there any alternatives for an access?

Why do you need of removal services

You will spend much time on physical and mental organization and it takes efforts  to move the contents of your home to a new one. Packing boxes is one thing, but moving them in and out of vans and up and down stairs is another, and can be extremely exhausting, If you have a sizeable amount to shift, or lots of valuable items, such as antique furniture or fragile pieces, it’s better to use professional removal services to take the burden off your shoulders in order to concentrate on the organization of the move.

Some important points

1.It is very important what exactly will be moved one room or one house.
2.How will the  packing and storage be organized?
3.How much money will a removal cost?

4.What time will the removal take?

5.Do you want to spent money?
6.What exactly will be moved?
7.Use our removal request and give us more details for moving.


What do we have to expect when we have to use removal services?
First of all, you have to have a clear idea of how your removal will be organized.. We could consult you if you need  special packing and if your furniture needs storage. We have rich experience in  these services and we will offer you the most suitable solution to your demands and expectations, accompanied with the best-quality service at the most convenient time for you.

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