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These advices are useful so that you don`t have to stress out about your removal. There a few points which are important for your checklist and will make your moving easier:

Planning your move one month before

Make a book appointment and take your removal date as soon as possible.Make a moving details list about furniture, china, clothes etc.

What you have to do 3 weeks before your removal

Make a sort of all movables at your garage.
Ensure moving transport which is suitable for pets if you have or person which looks after them on the day.

What you have to do 2 weeks before your removal

If we won’t dismantle furniture, you have to do this carefully and prepare for moving.
Make carefully and correctly disconnection of home appliances for example kitchen furniture, washing mashine etc. (drum has to be secured).
Be sure that all he bills for gas, water, phone and electricity are taken and already been payed .
Shut down freezers, we will suggest you for moving them of course.
(It doesn’t matter full of frozen).
If you have big plenty of food inside from your freezer and full you have to wrap it with newspaper into boxes or cartons.
Make cleaning at your attic if you won’t use another services about that.
If removal company won’t help you with this, you have to dismantle all the sheds, greenhouses etc.
If you have lawn mowers or motorcycles drain the fuel.
Remove all fittings.
If you have children arrange some person who will looks after them.
Some fabrics need to be stored with anti-moth treatment.
It depends of from where you move: house , block, is there lift at block also. Be sure that lift is working.
If TV satellites are part of your removal they have to be taken down. All the light things have to be taken down too if you will take them in your new home.
Switch off refrigerator/freezer.
If you have plants you have to prepare them for transportation.
If there is chests of drawers in your furniture it is possible to left but depends of what they are made it.
If there any dangerous materials or substances you have to manage separate and carefully transportation. Inform your moving company about this in advance.

It’s the day of your removal,what you have to do:

Ensure safety place where to lock all the jewels to new home that you move.
Be sure that pets are in safety place to go out.
If you need of help with carpets we will lay them on the floor of the new place for live that you move.
Do not forget to take all the very important documents like passport, driving licenses etc.
It is prohibited to put items in storage which are flammable or perishable .
Check for forgotten items before removal van is ready to departure, responsibility is yours.
Be sure that there is phone number and coordinates to the new house that you move at your old home.
Be to new home with the keys before man and van transport is there.
If you need of another advice about your removal please do not hesitate to contact with us on following contacts or make removal request and also we can make viewing quote before them.

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