How to choose a removal company in London

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Hardly is it possible to imagine that a great number of certain services on offer could cause more inconvenience than convenience. This, however, holds true for the busy and dynamic city of London, UK. Having in mind the wide variety of removal companies in the city, one could really get confused where to start and how to make the best decision in choosing the most efficient one. Nevertheless, there exist some leading principles to base your embarking on the search and discovery of the best removal company for your case.

1.A company with sufficient experience
Adequate experience in removal services in London is a key factor due to the specificity of the city – the complicated crisscrossing network of narrow streets and the constant heavy traffic flow and congestion. That’s is why in addition to its professional experience in removals, a good company should have a thoroughly-experienced personnel to cope with issues of both spheres.

2.Adequate certification
A good indicator of the company’s reliability is its being a member of such organizations as The National Guild of Removers and Stores /NGRS/, The British Association of Removers /BAR/ and Federation Internationale des Demenageurs Internationaux /FIDI/. The company’s meeting their efficiency requirements and standards could guarantee a smoothly-managed removal.

3.Length of existence on the market
With so many removal companies mushrooming in London, the time of a certain company’s presence on the market should be taken into serious consideration. Convincing evidence of that could be found easily on the Internet sites and in previous clients reviews. The longer the period is, the better the perspective for a hassle-free removal service will be.

4. Personal impressions
Despite the numerous easy ways of finding and communicating with a removal company, the best advice is to rely on a personal contact. This is the excellent opportunity to notice the inner atmosphere in the company – the existence of good discipline and management, uniformed personnel, clients presence as well as the level of fluency in English. In a cosmopolitan city like London the necessity for a good command of English should not be underestimated. It is essential for the clear agreement on the removal service.

5. A company in the vicinity
In view of the difficulties, associated with the narrow streets of London, it is a good idea to find a company in your neighbourhood which will be very knowledgeable about the parking places and suitable roads to transport your possessions to your new home or office. As a result, the time of the removal will be shortened. There is an additional possibility that the vicinity will lower the removal costs.

6. Full-service package
The details of the removal service lay at the core of a company’s quote. So a very good understanding is essential as well as a comprehensive comparison among several quotes from different companies. It is necessary to know what is free-of-charge/pre-removal visit from a company’s representative, packaging boxes, etc/ and what is additionally charged /temporary storage/. For the conditions of London, the best solution is to find a full-service removal company to prevent you from any further hassle after the removal./ driving for hours in the traffic jams in search of boxes, for example, or storage places

7.Well-balanced prices
In London, where the standard of living is very high, it is recommendable to be on the alert for prices in both extremities. Neither too high nor too low removal costs are to be considered without some skepticism. The most rational thinking has to focus on a well-balanced price as compared to a multiple of other choices.

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